Charm Token 0x248CB87DDA803028dfeaD98101C9465A2fbdA0d4

Total supply: 210B

Global Incentive Pool contract 0x3e0c908de05193147e1278A3065b0784FeD80694

This multi-sig pool holds 50% of Charm (105B) with a 24 hours timelock.

Spartacadabra DAO contract 0xB7396019BC1Ee7E771155D138D57Ee9aBf16F5b4

The DAO holds 15% of CHARM (31.5B) and is multi-sig with a 48 hours timelock.

Team Vesting Contract 0xf98237Ef6c9A4990496d38a374d0C1098E26719e

This team treasureVesting contract holds 15% of CHARM (31.5B). Tokens on this contract starts unlocking in 6 months (roughly on May 30, 2022), with a linear vesting schedule over 4 years. This is the same contract used by Uniswap.

LBP on Beethoven X 0x20dd72ed959b6147912c2e529f0a0c651c33c9ce

20% of CHARM tokens (42B) has been supplied to this Balancer V2 Vault contract for the coming LBP.

LBP pool was created by LBP factory contract:

Multi-sig contract address: 0x251616944e771cD83d57aB7b073D291FE841A4DF

This is a 3/5 multi-sig with team members. The five wallet address are: 0x477be88144be5EC87e0d26530E6bFdffC550E22F 0x42F45931d5244f0Ef40B5A794B49b6C6fd5744D3 0x58cE8Ed39d78A060AdC552BFEAAda5338A4d823c 0x17afbfB27aA10aC195A088c8579F961eE1289Bb3 0x59284279970a4413Ca7e810441C04a868C4df92C We will start deploying the main protocol contracts once the LBP starts. The main Spartacadabra product shall be online 48 hours after after the LBP is over.

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