How to get Charm on LBP?

How to participate Spartacadabra LBP?

Guide on how to participate Spartacadabra LBP?

LBP starts on Unix timestamp 1638360000, or Wed Dec 01 2021 12PM UTC

1. Use the direct trade link to Beethoven X:

2. Alternatively you can use Charm token contract: 0x248CB87DDA803028dfeaD98101C9465A2fbdA0d4

Beethoven has whitelisted Charm and you can also locate it by text searching “charm” on the trading window.

3. Connect your Metamask wallet.

4. The Charm LBP pool was initiated with Charm and USDC, therefore you will need USDC to participate the LBP.

5. The LBP will be live for 2 days and is designed to prevent front-running. It will start at a high price then go down as the weights of the pool change if there is no market buy.

6. After the 2-day period, part of the proceeds will be used to seed Charm-USDC pool on Spookyswap, using the last price from the LBP.

What can we do with Charm and Lambda in the near term?

Keep in mind that Charm is the incentive token and Lambda is the stablecoin pegged to 1 USD.

We will set up two farming pools at product launch (48hrs after LBP):

1. Charm-USDC pool on Spookyswap. LPs will receive Charm tokens.

2. Lambda-2Pool pool on This is a Stablecoin pool on Curve. LPs will receive Charm tokens.

3. The emission rates of the above two pools will be determined by a snapshot community vote by Charm holders (LBP is the only way to get Charm by then)

Airdrop tokens will be distributed a few days after the product launch. It was intentional that we did not share too much details on airdrop criteria to prevent people from abusing the rule.

The best suggestion is simple: just stake your SPA. wsSPA holders are also counted as stakers.

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