Introducing Spartacadabra

Unleash the power of staked liquidity

What does Spartacadabra do?

Spartacadabra allows you to summon charms that turn your locked liquidity into magic crypto money.

Use cases (some will be implemented soon and some are for the future):

  1. Wrap your sSPA tokens and summon LAMBDA. Swap LAMBDA into other stable coins such as USDT or USDC. This will unlock the liquidity of $40M staked SPA token.

  2. Wrap yvToken from Yearn FTM and summon LAMBDA.

  3. Wrap wsOHM, wMEMO and summon LAMBDA.

Liquidity matters. By doing this, we will significantly improve capital efficiency on yield bearing assets with Spartacadabra and unleash the full power of locked liquidity.

Introducing CHARM

CHARM is the governance token for Spartacadabra. A more detailed tokenomics of CHARM will come soon but there is a brief list of CHARM's utilities:

  1. Governance token for Spartacadabra including voting;

  2. Stake CHARM to receive sCHARM. sCHARM receive fees sharing from Spartacadabra protocols and yield farming rewards;

  3. Yield farming rewards with CHARM for Curve LAMBDA-2Pool liquidity providers.

  4. Yield farming rewards with CHARM for CHARM-USDC pool liquidity providers.

  5. sSPA holders will receive airdrop of CHARM.

We will share a full tokenomics of CHARM soon.

What is LAMBDA?

LAMBDA is the magic stable coins summoned from collateralize assets using Spartacadabra protocols. We plan to initialize LAMBDA-2POOL on Fantom Curve. Anyone can swap LAMBDA into other stable coins such as USDC.

When launch?

We shall be ready to launch Spartacadabra by the end of Nov, 2021.

There will be another liquidity bootstrap event. Details TBA.

It will be a fair launch for all.

Launch details to be announced soon. Join our discord: to stay tuned on updates.

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